Thursday, March 22, 2007

Video # 8 -Daby, King of Fuladu and the Afro Manding Sound

This footage is from the Dakar nightclub Just 4 You a couple evenings ago. The band is called Daby, King of Fuladu, and they play whats called Afro Manding, which originated in Gambia actually. For a brief history of Afro Manding music and its most well-known champion Ifang Bondi, check here.

I recognized Daby's drummer, David Ndiaye, as Cheikh Lo's drummer from the other night. I went up and spoke with him afterwards and we had a nice rapport. He invited me over to his compound to exchange ideas so I spent yesterday at his place in the Banlieues section of Dakar on the outskirts of town. The traffic was terrible both ways but the hang was great. I brought the small kit I have here (snare, kick, hihat, crash), and he showed me m'balax and Afro Manding grooves, I showed him some swing, funk, and blues stuff. What a fruitful way to spend a day. The drumset concept here is completely different than in the West. It was so helpful to have someone break down what I've been hearing live for the last month. Its hard to pick out the drumset parts with all the sabar drums and tama wailing on top. Thanks David for a great exchange!

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