Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Video # 5 - Mbaye Dieye Faye and sundries

Here's a video of Mbaye Dieye Faye, one of the biggest mbalax stars in Senegal now. He's the lead drummer and backup singer in Youssou Ndour's band, but has his own project that's also very popular. The footage is from Sahel, a Dakar nightclub, about three weeks ago; I blogged about it March 1. Mbaye Dieye Faye is part of the Faye family, the same family that my teacher belongs to. As noted, the Faye's are one of the two major sabar families in Dakar (among many); Doudou Ndiaye Rose's family is the other. Check out the call and response between Mbaye and his drummers. Sabar rhythms are based on Wolof language, so it makes sense that he sings something (nonsense words in this case, actually), and the drummers play it back. Someone's beeen checking out James Brown.

Off to my ninth sabar lesson momentarily. My teacher hooked up an mbung mbung for me to buy. He got me the friend price rather than the tubab price by all acounts, which I appreciate. I've been helping him, he's been helping me, etc...

And speaking of a good price, bought some beautiful fabric in one of the markets this morning. Got a good price on it after some patience and visits to plenty of different market stalls. Mansour, the tailor at the Sao family's compound, made me two killer pairs of cotton/canvas pants with ever so slight an African flair. I learned my lesson this time around. Last time I was in Africa I bought a bunch of different shiny gorgeous fabrics that people wear here and had boubous (called chaftans in Gambia; two piece long smock and pants) made for family and friends. When I got back to North America one friend commented, "thanks so much but when I wear this thing I look like Bozo the Clown." Unfortunately, he was right. So this time, I'm going for more subtle colors for myself (again, with slight African flair here and there) and hunks of untailored, gorgeous fabric that people can use as table runners, table cloths, or whatever. Safer way to go, I think.

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