Friday, March 23, 2007

Video #10 - Jalamang Camara playing his licks, Gambia

So here are my Mandinka drum teacher's hands that I've been raving about so much, up close and personal. I'm telling you, Roy Haynes meets Alan Dawson. He's playing some of his signature licks that he would play on the lead drum (sabaro) during the course of a program. As with so many traditional percussion traditions, the lead drummer is free to improvise on top of the support drums, and can decide when its time for a specific call to signal a change to a new rhythm. The drummers, the dancers, and, in truth, everyone at a program recognizes these calls. Because, as i keep emphasizing, they are literally language. So enjoy Mr. Jalamang Camara's elegant playing. And dig those one-hand, one-stick single stroke rolls!

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