Saturday, March 24, 2007

Video #12 - Yoro at Just 4 You, Dakar

Yet another totally killin' Senegalese mbalax group. Yoro and his group blended mbalax with r n b, reggae, ska, salsa, et al.
The guitarist was superhappening; for some reason I was reminded of Tim Young, guitarist from Wayne Horvitz's goups and tons of other Seattle and LA projects. Same kind of right-part-at-the-right-time tasteful playing. Shame I can't link to Yoro's website, but I can't find any info of him on the web! An endemic problem for African artists, thats for sure.

For a complete change of pace, I'm off to Goree as soon as this video uploads. It'll probably be the only touristy thing I do while in West Africa (no giraffe-sightings for this guy). But hey, its a UNESCO World Heritage site, and a place that I need to lay some eyes on. More to follow.

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