Monday, September 10, 2007

Creative Music Tuesdays begins at Spike Hill

Her's the press release for a new Tuesday music series in Williamsburg:

Creative Music Tuesdays at Spike Hill

184 Bedford Avenue (@ N7)
Brooklyn , NY 11211
(718) 218-9737

September curated by Harris Eisenstadt
$5 cover per set

Located on the corner of Bedford and North 7th, with delectable pub food, gold-standard Guinness, pristine sound and two full bars, Spike Hill has flourished into a staple among the area’s clubs while still maintaining its intimate atmosphere.


Aaron Alexander/Julian Priester duo
- 25 years ago, Aaron Alexander and Julian Priester met in Seattle as student and teacher. While visiting Seattle early in 2007, Alexander invited Priester to join him in the studio for an informal recording session. They recorded spontaneous compositions and were struck by the ease of which the structures emerged and the feeling of being deeply heard by one another. Priester was planning a trip to New York for the summer, and a follow up recording session was arranged. Once student and teacher, now both professionals, the two musicians present a concert of new and spontaneous compositions. This concert will be a memorial tribute to the great drummer Max Roach and may feature some special guests.

Adam Rudolph (hand drums and percussion, with Charles Burnham (violin) and Brahim Fribgane (oud & percussion)
- Composer/percussionist Adam Rudolph invites frequent collaborator multi-instrumentalist Brahim Fribgane and freewheeling violinist Charles Burnham for a set of soulful improvisations dedicated to the late master artist/musician/drummer Max Roach.


Aaron Siegel, percussion and Sam Amidon, woodwinds
- Drums, violin, banjo, dancing, singing, tom foolery and
earnest tunes for the new day of mountain improv.

Andrea Parkins (accordion, electronics)
Ches Smith (drums/electronics)
- Frequent collaborators Andrea Parkins and Ches Smith meet up for some duo mayhem.


Tomas Fujiwara's The Hook Up
with Shoko Nagai – keyboard, Keith Witty - bass
- With a "quiet energy that propels" (All About Jazz) and a style that is "both volatile and watchful" (New York Times), drummer Tomas Fujiwara leads a group of like minded musicians through a set of his original compositions. With inspiration ranging from Wayne Shorter to Haruki Murakami, Fujiwara's pieces deal with the intersection of composition and improvisation as well as concepts of shifting roles within an ensemble.

Saris (Sara Schoenbeck – bassoon, Harris Eisenstadt – drums)
- Saris formed in 2000. They have toured the US and Europe, and play compositions by both members and some of their favorite composers. Sometimes they invite guests to play with them.

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