Friday, August 17, 2007

RIP Max Roach

Check out Max playing "Big Sid" and other drum solos in this, one of so many incredible Max Roach videos on Youtube. I learned parts of Big Sid early on while transcribing Max's solos (along with Elvin, Roy, Philly Joe, Tony). Had the pleasure of playing parts of Big Sid with Adam Rudolph and Big Black while living in LA in both of their groups.

I've been watching/listening to/reading about Max Roach all day. Its moments like these that make me very thankful for Youtube and internet radio streaming. Sad that the death of a master is usually what it takes to precipitate extensive, cathartic re-investigation, but hey, at least the resources are out there.

There are so many people listening to WKCR's tribute broadcast to Max here that the stream keeps being interrupted. Frustrating, sure, but its a wonderful thing that this many people are tuning in. And WKCR will be playing Max's music for a week!

Its been said very eloquently here and here and here how important Max Roach's legacy is. From these links you can find your way to many other Max treasure troves.

Max Roach will forever be a great inspiration as an Artist, as a Musician, as a Drummer. He was a supreme melodist who played with astonishing clarity. He was a forward-looking innovator who continued to challenge himself and his audience throughout an almost 70-year career.

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