Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Wire is it

All the critics are right, all the tv guide polls and emmy's and whatever other official channels weigh in... the ones who don't are trippin'. The Wire is some seriously epic programming. Two and a bit episodes into season 4, my man Bob Wisdom is back as Bunny Colvin (props), and the streets of Baltimore are funkin' again. The layering, the multiple story-lines, the interconnectedness of it all... makes any other attempt at epic storytelling (except Deadwood and Carnivale, as mentioned) downright predictable. Kudos to HBO for keeping this one going...

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You're telling it like it is. The Wire will be ignored by the popcorn-variety awards shows, but for fans like you and I, it'll always ring true.

In fact, the widespread ignorance in regards to this show could be the source of enough social commentary to fill up a few books...because the story is real, and nobody wants to hear about it.

Especially the schools. That's a national tragedy and it doesn't seem like anyone cares all that much.

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