Monday, February 5, 2007

Biochemistry, Chamber Sam Cooke, Times Fly

Nice weekend of music at The Stone. Had a lovely concert with Kevin Uehlinger's 4tet Saturday night with Keith Witty and very-soon-to-be-papa Sam Hoyt. Kevin's music borrows its titles from scientific terminolgy, and its compositional gestures from new music and post-Braxton sources. Most importantly, he does a great job of leaving lots of open space for the music to breathe. I thought we got to some very nice places and before I knew it, the 50 minutes-or-so were up and that was that. Good stuff, Kev.

Went back to The Stone last night to hear Jessica Pavone's music, an enjoyable Sunday evening for those not interested in American football. Not to imply that I watch the Grey Cup or anything, or even that I watched much footy while in Australia last year, but I just don't get the hype. Oh well, I digress. By the way, for what its worth all you Americans out there, your football is a much more violent game than Canada's beloved hockey. Shall we drop the gloves on this one? If so, just take off all your football armour (Canadian spelling) before we go! Comments welcome.

Back to the music. I enjoyed Jessica's concert very much last night. She split the program between two chamber pieces for string trio (wonderful pizzicato writing, killer 2 viola/cello instrumentation) and for quintet (previous string trio augmented by bassoon and piano), and a program of arrangements for her band The Pavones. I first got a sense of Jess' and Matt Bauder's love for seminal 50s and 60s soul and r 'n b at a great concert they did at the tiny Read cafe on Bedford a year or two ago. So nice to hear these songs arranged for a larger group. Bravo to the killing horn section of Matt B, Michael Attias, and Peter Evans. Nice blending, fellas. And great to hear Mary Halvorson and Aaron Siegal playing Motown rhythm-section roles with a twist. Nice arrangements, Jess. Particular soft spot for the arrangement that replaced tenor sax with bass clarinet and electric bass with viola.

Off to Vancouver tomorrow for Time Flies, a Company-style week of concerts with a great lineup: John Butcher, Cor Fuhler, Eyvind Kang, Peggy Lee, Phil Minton, Torsten Muller, Hasse Paulsen, and myself. Blogging from the Pacific Northwest to follow...

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