Friday, January 9, 2009

To the Point is it

Been getting into podcasts alot of late, and the LA-based NPR station KCRW's program To the Point with Warren Olney is one radio program that I'm happy to download and listen to as much as time allows. Its even on the AM NPR station in New York but I guess I'm just digging on podcasts in general. More on these I have a feeling in future posts. I used to listen to Warren Olney a bunch during the 6 or so years and thousands of miles driven while I lived in LA 1999-2006. It was on at a very convenient 1pm time and I somehow often caught it. But tuning into podcasts when I want rather than when they're broadcast is the way.

ps For what its worth, I will say that To the Point is so strong precisely because of Warren Olney, and when he takes a (deserved!) break from time to time the show is the weaker for it. His interviewing style, demeanor and improvisational proficiency is deep.

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