Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Canada Day this Wednesday 12/3 Friday 12/5


If any are free this Wednesday or Friday night, please come on down to
Canada Day's final two gigs of 2008 in preparation for a Clean Feed
recording December 6.

This band has played regularly for a year and a half and the material is
sounding great.


Wednesday, December 3rd 2008 @ Monkeytown
Canada Day at Monkeytown
Admission: $5, $10 minimum
Showtime: 8:00pm

Friday December 5th 2008 @ Cornelia Street Café
Canada Day at Cornelia St Cafe
Admission: $10
Showtimes: 9pm, 10:30pm


Harris Eisenstadt's Canada Day

Nate Wooley (trumpet)
Matt Bauder (tenor saxophone)
Chris Dingman (vibraphone)
Eivind Opsvik (bass)
Harris Eisenstadt (drums, compositions)


"Eisenstadt's Canada Day is a striking blend of spacious groove and textural
intimacy." - Time Out New York

"He's perpetually building new ensembles to suit the variety of music he
hears in his head — that's what composers do. That music is just abstract
enough to fall on the avant side of the tracks, but there are usually
cohesive threads and kinetic triggers guiding the action. This quintet with
vibes, reeds, and brass up front should suit his not-so-hidden yen for
textural splendor." Village Voice

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