Sunday, July 27, 2008

Playlist for a Rainy Sunday

3 blog posts in a day, 4 in 2 days. Haven't blogged this much since Senegal Spring 07.

Playlist for a rainy Sunday in Brooklyn hanging with Sara and Jason Mears... selections from the following CDs:

1) The Four Bags "The Four Bags"
2) Mike McGinnis and Between Green "Tangents"
3) Chris Heenan/Michael Vorfeld "Half Cloud, Half Plain"
4) Jordan McLean "Piano Music and Song Trio"
5) Pascal Gallois "Kurtag - Schoeller - Boulez"
6) Peggy Lee Band "New Code"
7) Rhodri Davies "TREM"
8) Kraig Grady "The Creation of the Worlds"
9) The Lost Trio "Boxcar Samovar"
10) Team Up "Team Up"
11) Atomic/School Days "Nuclear Assembly Hall"
12) Paul Smoker "Duocity in Brass and Wood"
13) Carl Ludwig Hubsch "Tuba Solo"


Office of the Cultural Liaisons said...

that is something. not even the one you play on!!

Harris Eisenstadt said...

a sighting from a downunder-er! is it a wombat? a platypus? no its the embassy of anaphoria attache! how ya going? your sounds are beautiful and trance-inducing as always...

Office of the Cultural Liaisons said...

Yours too! with have the two ends of the globe covered, resonating from both ends