Friday, December 7, 2007

December stuff

First day off in awhile! Time for a post:

At work on a new site with web designer, guitarist, composer, sound artist, crit nonpareil Noah Phillips. Feedback would be most welcome.

Check out the new home page here. Should be up in January at some point.

Interesting gigs coming up:

December 9
Sara Schoenbeck/Jason Kao Hwang/Ken Filiano/Harris Eisenstadt
Jimmy's, 7pm, 43 E 7th st., NYC, NY, $10

December 16
Harris Eisenstadt's Canada Day
with Chris Dingman, Matt Bauder, Nate Wooley, Eivind Opsvik
The Living Theatre, 8pm, 21 Clinton Street, NYC, NY, $10

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