Wednesday, June 27, 2007

6/27 WKCR Musicians Show 6-9pm EST, 7/1 HE Canada Day 5tet @ Bar4 8:30pm

6/27 WKCR FM New York 89.9 Musicians Show 6-9pm

Please tune in on-line at:

or in New York the old-fashioned way, on a radio, at 89.9 FM.


John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman - "They Say its Wonderful"
Tony Williams Life Time - "Two Pieces of One: Red"
Andrew Hill Point of Departure - "Dedication tk.1"
John McLaughlin Extrapolation - "Extrapolation"
Dave Holland Conference of the Birds - "Conference of the Birds"
Julius Hemphill Reflections - "The Hard Blues"
Chick Corea 3 Quartets - "Qt.2 Pt.2 ded. To Coltrane"
Henry Threadgill Song out of My trees - "Grief"
Thomas Chapin Sky Piece - "Night Bird Song"
Steve Coleman and Metrics - "Slow Lane"
Wadada Leo Smith Golden 4tet - "Dejohnette"
David Murray Ming - "Dewey's circle"

plus selections from my new release "The All Seeing Eye + Octets" on Poo-bah records.

7/1 HE Canada Day 5tet at Bar4 444 7th Avenue (@15th Street) Park Slope 8:30pm

Sara Schoenbeck - bassoon
Matt Bauder- tenor saxophone
Chris Dingman - vibraphone
Keith Witty - bass
Harris Eisenstadt - drums

From this week's Time Out New York:

Just back from a residency in West Africa, Toronto-born avant-jazz percussionist Harris Eisenstadt - who has worked with the likes of Sam Rivers and Paul Rutherford - is celebrating a new release, "The All Seeing Eye + Octets." This disc pairs a reverent yet risk-taking spin through a classic Wayne Shorter set with two lush multipart works by Eisenstadt, which skillfully reconcile spacious groove with textural intimacy.

- Hank Shteamer


Alex Hawkins said...

hoHarris - back from my gig too late to tune in online...but awesome to see that Threadgill on the list - have really been obsessing about that one recently - incredible track!

Harris Eisenstadt said...

thanks for the note alex was fun... i know, grief and crea i had a hard time deciding which track to play. great record...

peter breslin said...

Hi Harris- I don't think we've met but we've got one degree in regard to Alan Lechusza and Mark Weaver. I did a whirlwind set of gigs with Alan a few years ago out here in NM (on drums). Mark and I have worked together many times. Mark is always inspiring. I was sick with strep the last time you were here, with Paul Rutherford, so missed it. Oh yeah, I was out of town when Brassum came through here last winter, too. Very sad.

Anyway, I do a radio show called Inside Out every Thursday on KSFR, Santa Fe public radio, streaming from, from 1-3 pm Mountain Time. Great set list you put together for WKCR. Today the KSFR show was:

Ornette Coleman- Dancing in Your Head (excerpt)
Billy Cobham-The Pleasant Pheasant/Spanish Moss
Wayne Shorter- Montezuma
Noah Howard- Ole Negro
Sam Rivers- Scud
Duke Ellington- Eulb
Sun Ra- Angels and Demons at Play
Sonny Sharrock- Many Mansions
Don Cherry- Brown Rice
Julius Hemphill- Dogon A.D.
Arthur Blythe- Bush Baby
Ornette Coleman- Healing the Feeling

...the intended focus was on creative improvised and composed music that avoids the traditional jazz rhythm. But don't call it fusion! (except for the Cobham, I guess...Spanish Moss in 17/16 time, but he really makes it walk).

Break a leg on the July 1 performance.

thanks for your blog, be well,

peter breslin

Anonymous said...
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Reuben Radding said...

Man, that Thomas Chapin record is so beautiful.

Sorry I missed you on the radio. I was kicking the klez in Vienna...