Monday, April 9, 2007

Video # 17 - Mamady Danfa Making Tea

Just a quick post of my deputy teacher from Gambia, Mamady Danfa, pouring Atya (gunpowder green tea mixed with tons of sugar) in Brikama, Gambia last month. Most people drink this stuff at least once a day. If they haven't had their first fix by 11am or so, they start getting testy. Talk about a different pace! They brew it slowly over charcoal, pass out little shots from a little pot until the first batch is done, and then do the same thing a second and third time. The whole process - from lighting the charcoal until the third pot is empty, takes at least an hour. Its mesmerizing to watch people pour the tea from cup to cup, back in to the pot, into the cup, back ito the pot, etc... Hypnotic! Just don't drink the first round if you're having a hard time sleeping. Stuff works like hi-octane fuel. Good for right before playing a traditional dumming program.

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